UXDI Project 1 Reflection

When I first arrived at General Assembly (GA), I was not sure exactly what we would be learning and either way, I was excited. Assigned a project on the first day, we were immediately called to initiate the development of our UX inner powers. With the primary seed of User Centered Design planted, we began to learn the design process. From User interviews to problem Identification, assumptions, solutions and much more. 
By the end of the third day, I had amassed an amount of knowledge of the UX profession far greater than the previous days and continue to build upon that knowledge, increasing my UX powers each day. 
On Project 1, I implemented the quote of Abraham Lincoln, “If they gave me 6 hours to cut a tree, I would spend the first 4 sharpening the axe”. Meaning I had already had a plan on how I would approach my clients problem. After I conducted my first client interview, I had a good idea of where I was headed. Throughout the project, talking with my client and the continuous iteration process was enjoyable and equally beneficial each time. I should definitely continue to interact with my clients, conduct field research and share my designs with target users, these practices provided me with my best results. One thing I will focus on over the next couple of months and practice is the development and use of dynamic user flows and simple flows as well. I had trouble learning all of the signs to use in the flow so that I could construct a more than cohesive flow. Overall, the project was almost a success (because there was winner and it was not me) to me needing improvement on my final delivery and information display. Then, I will begin to become the Mr. T UX shape guy with awesome UX powers.