Do you ever thought of a dream with out goals? I did, I called it a plan without action. In 2017, I had a difficult time and great a accomplishment.

I came up with multiple goals to change myself and the society that I live in. I wrote down my goals so I knew where I was going to target. Unfortunaltly, I couldn’t excute the goals on the exact time when I wanted them to be done.

I had two types of goals. The first ones were long term goals, and the second ones were short term goals. My long terms goals were more successful than my short terms goals.

Why were my short terms goals difficult to accomplish? If so, did I follow the wrong path trying to accomplish my short terms goals?

I personally believe, there were several reasons why most of my short term goals failed and my long term goals succeed.

Whenever I wrote down my short term goals, I didn’t specify how much time they would take me to accomplish them in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks. Since I did not have the specification of the timing for each goals, I would get overwhelmed with the work volume. As a result, this created busyness which also affected my sleeping habits, workout, reading other interesting books, blogging and soon.

In order to finish unspecified short term goals, I had to sacrifice some of the most important thing that I could be doing along the way.

On the other hand, most of my long term goals were a success. I used the conqure and divide strategy to accomplish my long term goals. I would split up my long term goals into smaller pices so I can easily move on from one level to the other. For instance, college application, and networking with professionals or making more friends.

I began my college application six months before the due date, I had all that time to full fill all the required documents step by step. By the time had two months left, I was already done with most part of my application. I had my application ready to be submitted for seven schools and on the process of revising my college essays.

If it wasn’t the long term goals, I wouldn’t have gotten into the schools that I wanted to attend in the spring of 2018.

So how can one have a successful short term goal?

Personal tips…

1- Use the conqure and divide strategy

2- Watch out your timing

3- Utilize as many resources as possible to achieve both of your goals

4- Never give up

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish everyone the best of 2018!!!

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