Do you ever come across these two terms as a designer or entrepreneur who’s trying to build tech and non-tech product?

Why design anyways?

You may say, why would you question designing since it’s the foundation of any product? Well! A lot people don’t take advantage of the long-term benefit of a design. The study show that people who invest their time on designing before coding anything redeem their investment by a wide margin. It could be wether while they are developing their startup or any other services.

The history of designing goes back to the ancient time when the production of visual statements appears on surface like wall, pottery. Likewise, nature also presents its own design. Fascinating, right?

When we move forward everything to the era that we’re in now and age, we get a verity of outcomes relate to technology. This is where we dive into UX/UI designing experience to explore different aspect of designing in tech and startup.

UI (user interface Design) — it focuses on the outlook of any product. For instance, if we take a website front page, there are a lot of things that can be said, based on the way it’s presented to the user. The user may be comfortable with the interactivity of product if they have the right responsive functionality for their product from the UI designer. Therefore, the product would make it easier for the user to have the access in many other platforms.

Similarly, UX Design which is known as User Experience Design, it resembles more into the quantitative and techniqual aspect of design. Both UI and UX goes hand in hand to satisfy their users, at the same time UX is the one that increases the optimization level of the product to the users.

Note: UI focuses more on the layouts, topography ,colors , and visual design and graphical design of a proudct, but UX caters into the systematical aspect of Designing.

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