Identifying your life of purpose by embracing pain:

“He who would accomplish little must sacrifice little; He who would achieve much must sacrifice much; He who would attain highly must sacrifice greatly” James Allen

Everyone in life experience pains, hurdles or do sacrifices in order to reach their goals. We cannot get success without bearing pain or without any sacrifice. We have to pay cost for what we want. Pain and sacrifices makes us strong and we work hard in pain to achieve our goals.

In my life, I bear a lot of pain and do many sacrifices. As, elder child in family I always make sacrifices even on small things for the happiness of my siblings. I want their happiness so I made sacrifice of my happiness. But still life is beautiful. I get things which I want but the passage of time. I pay high cost to achieve my goals and the process of paying cost is continuing.

After my matriculation, I had many dreams but I face severe health issues at that time. At that time I seem my life is going to an end. Everything will go to be finished. I had many beautiful dreams and wishes in my eyes but I cannot do anything because I was admitted in hospital. That time was tough, pathetic and emotional time for me. I prayed to Allah please give me a new life. I want to see my parents happy. So, I fought with myself. I did my Fsc with hard work. I want to go in medical or science field but due to my health issues I did not go in my desire filed. I am not blaming my luck but maybe I will not make for that field.

But the pain I felt that time was pathetic. I can’t express that pain in words. I felt my career was destroyed. I was too pessimistic at that time. But, I overcome on those pessimistic feelings bear pain, sacrifice and got admission in other field. That pain makes me strong. I found that if I want to give up all will be finished. So, I woke up, move on and didn’t give up. I fought with life, with myself, with my destiny and now I am a satisfied person in my life.

Now, in future I can bear every time of pain, hardships and do sacrifice because at this stage of time I am strong enough to bear pain and reach towards my goal. I identify the purpose of my life is by bearing pain and sacrifices.

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