Lessons from Outdoor Session with #Amal Family:


The session was amazing. Firstly we go to old Lahore panjj vera restaurant and we all had a desi brunch of Nan and Pae. During brunch we realize how tasty the desi food is as we are habitual of eating fast foods. Beside this taste of nan and pae was delicious. I never ate too tasty pae in my life. After brunch we left the hotel and move ahead towards our destination. It was round about 2.30 pm.

Desi Brunch

Than we move ahead and reach Badshahi Masjid. A tour guide was with us. After enter in the masjid we all took some pictures and then sat in a circle. There some fellows of group 1 told us the history of badshahi masjid. We all listen them. After that a tour guide tells us the history of badshahi masjid. He told us the architecture of this masjid. We are surprised to listen the history. The architecture of badshahi masjid is amazing.

listening to tour guide in Badshahi Mosque

During visiting badshahi masjid we had a lot of fun there. We enjoyed and took many pictures. The floor of masjid was hot as at that time it was hot weather. But despite this we all enjoy by drinking water and took selfies.

Badshahi Mosque

As a tour guide I learn a lot. Like I have assigned to research on badsahi masjid and I Google the badshahi masjid and read the history of that masjid. It was good experience as it helps me to increases my knowledge. But by listening tour guide also gives me a lot of knowledge.

We visited many places like Badshahi Masjid, Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort), Delhi Darwaza (Shahi Hamam) and wazeer khan masjid. I explored many things during this visit. I was unaware about many things. How mughal emperors made these places. There living styles, there cultures, there place of relaxation all are surprising for me.

Badshahi Mosque

After attending this session I feel it is important to move in a different place and gather knowledge through brain storming and listening from others. When we move in a different place, we change our environment it gives us a positive vibes and we relax there. Than we see the things. How ordinary people are living there lives in that place. These are the things which motivate us and make us more grateful for what we have in our lives. So, this will help us to maintain our work life balance.

I think to maintain in your work life balance is very necessary. If you will not create a balance you will fall down. So, give priority to each thing in your life. Never ignore anything in your life which you feel you will need them.

Funny moments:

As during this session we all took lot of selfies :D than my fellows gave me a very joyful company. Sheeraz made me laugh by telling me funny jokes. We all laugh on his jokes. He made fictions stories on those places which makes me curious to liten him. When he told us we all laugh.

After visiting badsahi masjid we enter in Lahore fort. There a man wore a mughal emperor dress and took a sword. We all surprise to see him in this different getup. One of our fellows Faisal Rasool wears that fancy mughal dress. We all laugh and took pictures with him. It was really funny. !!

Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort)

Than it was evening. We enter in Delhi Darwaza. What a beautiful and colorful place it is. When I entered in this place I was just like wow! There were a lot of shops, colorful jewellery, dupatta shops, fancy dress shops and a lot of eatable variety.

Delhi Darwaza

There we entered in Shahi Hamam. I visit that place first time in my life. It was beautifully structured. The bricks was amazingly managed and made walls. The painting was amazing on the walls. Colorful angels are painted on the walls. There were a lot of hamams where mughal people of that time took bath. There was water of different temperatures.

We saw a documentary in a hall. In a documentary we saw old Lahore, history of shahi hamam that how people of that time enjoy and relax by taking bath in these hamams.

Shahi Hamam Hall

After watching documentary we all feel tired. There we enjoyed with tea and relax. It was night. We all discuss and visit Shahi Hamam.

Tea in Shahi Hamam


Overall I made a lot of memories. In last session I learnt a lot. We make fun, we learn, we gather knowledge from each other, we took a lot of pictures. It was amazing day. I never forget that quality time I spent with Amal team.

Badshahi Mosque
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