Sharing 4–6 tips with professional:

I share 4–6 tips with a professional who is working as area coordinator in Burj Bank. I discuss these tips on mobile as it is easy for her to give me time on mobile.

Tip 4: Put your time in

She replied: when you join an organization or bank you should prove them that you are working with your passion and give your time to that job. May be in start it is difficult for you to manage your selves on that job but keep patience don’t quit at once. Try to put your time in and see the outcome.

Tip 5: Don’t talk badly about the company:

She replied: when you are working in any organization you should not talk badly about them while sitting in their organization. If you have conflicts try to resolve them. But, if you talk badly about the organization in which you are working it means you are not loyal with this organization. So, works with loyalty in any organization.

Tip 6: Take control of your relationship with your boss and team member:

She replied: It matters a lot. You have to make good relation with your boss or team members because it helps you to survive in an organization. It is just like “do good have well”. So, we must take care of our relation with our boss, colleagues, peers and team members.

Tip 7: Find a mentor and manage a relationship strategy:

She replied: it is good if we find a mentor in an organization and manage the relationship strategy. It reflects that we are passionate to learn new things and find a mentor.

Tip 8: Join a professional body and build your network:

She replied: To build a network is good. So, she agrees to join a professional body and build a network.

Tip 9: Embrace change and reflect on what you are learning:

She replied: It is very important to embrace change because it helps us to be successful in our new job. if we embrace the new environment, new culture of organization we will feel comfortable. So, embrace change and reflect on what you are learning.

Take a ways:

I enjoyed this discussion and the concepts of these tips are clearer now. She told me that she also uses these tips in their job and these tips help her in her job. She advises me to follow these tips in my future professional life. At the end I gave her bundle of thanks to gave me their precious time. I show gratitude by writing thank you email to her.

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