Guide to Choose the Right Hajj Package

Every year Muslims perform Hajj and Umrah journey in millions. Even though the journey is all about spirituality, but the spiritual motive cannot be fulfilled until and unless you ensure to perform it with complete convenience. To ensure that the entire journey is performed without stress, it is advisable to look for Hajj 2017 packages UK and pick up the most appropriate one. Various factors should be kept in mind while choosing the package some of it has been listed below.


To begin with the process of choosing a package, make sure to look if the travel agent company is registered with Saudi Ministry. For companies that are registered they will have complete information like reservation, transportation and also visa. To gain complete information about the company you can conduct research online.


In order to have the best journey it is advisable to book packages with the one who are educated on Hajj and Umrah. While booking the agent, find out if he is knowledgeable and willing to offer you lecture on Hajj and what to expect during the journey. This shall help you gain insight and also stay prepared of all the upcoming things in the journey.

Guide on the tour

No matter how much information you have about the tour, you will always have some unanswered questions. Hence to make it easy during the tour, it is a good idea to have an intelligent and wise guide with you. While picking up guide for Umrah package one should also ensure if the guide is humble, caring, patient and experienced. If you are performing Hajj along with ladies, make a point to find out if female guides are available to provide guidance and services to passengers.


This is yet another important factor which should be given due consideration while making choice of package. Before looking out for an option work on your budget and also the amount of money you are willing to spend on your travel. Once you have worked on your budget, you can conduct search for different packages available. This way it would be easy for you to filter out irrelevant options and finally make choice of the most feasible and affordable package for you.


Staying in tents in Mina can be a bit unsafe especially if you are travelling along with your family. To ensure that stay during Hajj and Umrah remains safe and also your belongings remains protected, you should opt for private apartments. Booking private apartments will give you access to bathrooms and also provide you conveniences that you have always wanted for. With such facilities you can stay assured of having the most comfortable and convenient trip ever.

Final words

Keeping in mind facts mentioned above shall help you find the best Hajj and Umrah packages that will not only assist you perform the journey, but shall also make sure that you experience utmost convenience and comfort during the entire journey. So what are you waiting for, conduct an online or offline research of packages and choose the one most suitable for you.