Boot-Camp Continues

Home boot-camp comes to an end today after three days training at our comfort (home). It was never too easy though because we had to find solutions to the tasks handed to us before the day’s deadline. Today’s andelab algorithm seems to be the toughest algorithm problem I have faced so far in boot-camp.

The algorithm problems to solve was a Missing Number Lab and a binary search with the latter proving to be very difficult. It was not just the normal binary search algorithm we are used to. I had to pass thirteen test cases in total but that didn’t seem enough to submit my algorithm. This was because of a so-called “hidden test”. It is called a hidden test because we can’t actually see it as part of the test cases to pass but it has to be passed for ones algorithm to be successful. As at time of writing this post, I am still unable to pass the hidden test.

As known in the country (Nigeria), PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria aka NEPA) can be a pain. That is the case for over twenty four hours now. No light to charge my laptop, so I have to find an alternative. The light issue has been against me today in the sense that I have had limited time to work today. In other to resume my tasks, I had to find a place to work which I found in the place of a cyber cafe.

Other tasks for the day included a simple web page created using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and as always a post on medium.

During the day we were sent emails in which people were told to come to a boot-camp venue. The dates given in the emails were two distinct days in which some boot-campers were asked to come on the first day while the second date is for others. The email also says that boot-campers are going to work as a team to build software products. This actually sounds like fun.

Be it in the form of tasks to solve or PHCN doing their thing, boot-camp is always challenging. Expecting more challenge ahead in the path to become a better software developer.

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