Overcoming My Writing Issues with Feedback

People are faced with tasks or decisions to make at one point in their lives. Though these test may not be difficult for some people, some actually find it an enormous task to overcome.

Getting straight to the point, it all started when I made it to the Andela Boot-camp which is an accelerated training facility for software developers. At boot-camp, we were faced with different set of skills to acquire within a short period of time (a day in this instance, wow!). This skills includes programming skills and Soft skills (that is personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people). Everything was moving just fine until we were told there was going to be a blog post on medium (Oh God!).

The thing is I was never a fan of writing. In fact, I dislike language courses especially when it comes to letter writing, essays and the likes of it. I was perplexed on how to go about it. I was afraid I did do very badly when I come up with my post especially when compared to fellow boot-campers. After the day’s session, I had a brief discussion with a boot-camper about how I don’t like writing, even to think about what to write is an uphill hill task let alone putting the whole story together. And the unexpected happened, I was challenged (Not really challenged though). He said “Why don’t you write about this (that is my difficulty in writing. That was what actually challenged me).” Being a software developer should not in any way affect your writing skills, he added. Writing was beginning to interest me in a way, but my ambition started diminishing when I searched online to read other people’s posts on different platforms such as medium and it was impressive on how they wrote their articles. As a result, I was losing interest again on whether I could write good articles.

But one thing struck my mind which was one of the soft skills we did in class that day, “Growth Mindset” (Eureka). I realized I was limiting myself by having a fixed mindset that I will never get better at writing. I thought to myself for me to get better, I had to start putting effort in what I had to improve on. Without practice and not trying to do it, I definitely can’t get better at writing.

So I just had to give it a try anyway irrespective of whether I wanted to improve or not because the post is part of the requirement of boot-camp. Then I said to myself, this is an avenue to test my writing skills and here it is. Without the feedback I got from a fellow boot-camper, I would probably have been less interested in this post and most likely have written badly (At least in my eyes). This might not be the best of articles, but it’s a step taken to get better with my next article.