Apply Pomodoro Technique.

Different tasks where I have applied Pomodoro technique.

These tasks are related to my assignments and Amal projects. I have a project of about week ago that was assigned to me. But I always pending this task and did not start working on it. After the learning Pomodoro technique, I have applied it on my daily tasks as well as on my assignments.

Here is an image of Pomodoro Timer:

In my Amal project, I have to write three blogs along with one video. I applied Pomodoro technique which was really effective and really helpful in completing my tasks.

I put off my cell phone on silent mode and also sign out myself from Facebook and whats app etc. I have tried my best to just focus on my blog writing as different chain of thought crossing from my mind and I was just writing them. After 25 to 30 minutes, I have done my first blog. I felt really good after completing my one task. After that, I took rest for a while and having dinner with my sister.

After completing one task, I started my other task or start to writing another blog with the same steps that I have applied before that for completing first task. I adopted same strategies and put off my cell on silent mode and switch off all the distractions that create hindrance in my work. I did not talk even with my family members during this time and having just focus on my task. Again, I have completed my task successfully by applying Pomodoro technique.

Did I find it helpful?

Yes, I find it really helpful in completing my different tasks. Due to pending tasks and procrastination, I have not completed my assignments on due date. I always lazy about it and have continues thoughts that I will do it yesterday and on tomorrow. I was just delaying my task.

But after applying Pomodoro technique, I find it really beneficial. I will apply it in my professional as well as working life.

I have no faced any challenge during applying this technique. It find it easy to apply it. The main challenge to avoid from distractions that I have tried my best to avoid from them. Finally, I was successful in completing in projects work.