Lessons from outdoor Sessions with # Amal Family:

Amal fellowship is like a journey. I enjoyed a lot this journey of about three months. There are lot of things that I have learned during this fellowship. The overall experience was really incredible. Overall Amal family is really nice including program manager and associate manager. The journey of this three months is really great because there are many important things which I have learned such as professional skills as well as communication skills along with confidence, public speaking, team work with other fellows and also productivity and long life learner.

Now, Here I am going to share about the lessons that I have learned in last outdoor session with Amal family and the things that I have enjoyed that day.

The last session was really good. On the day, I have ambiguous feelings such as sad and happy feelings. Happy feelings in such a way that because the journey of three months is going to complete with great passion and consistency and sad feelings in such a way that it was a last day and we have no more great sessions like three months. So, these months turned in to a beautiful memory.

The thing that I really enjoyed:

The thing that I enjoyed a lot on that day was lunch at Phaja Siri paye. I went first time to there and have first experience of having lunch of Phaja Siri paye with great Amal family. I never ever forget this beautiful memory with my Amal fellows. I had a great time with them. All the Amal fellows are really nice. They really care about each other. Fortunately, I have a chance of having lunch with my sweet and beautiful Amal team i,e mam Zoobia and mam Sara. Both are really nice personality.

The second that i enjoyed on that day was photography with my Amal fellows at Badshahi masjid. We have many photo-shoots with my fellows and also with sir Adnan Ahmad.

Here are some pictures from that session:

What was it like to be tour guide?

Yes, it would be like a tour guide as I have gained many new information regarding Badshahi masjid that it was a largest mosque of the world for about 313 years. There are many interesting things in this masjid that I have learned so far such as Roshni Darwaza etc.

I have explored many new things through this journey or tour that it is very useful for maintaining our life balance such as balance among our work /life and personal life. You are also have new ideas how to deal with fellows outside of the session or classroom setting. You care about each other and have concerning attitude like a family. So, overall experience was incredible and I will miss all these days along with my Amal fellows and Amal team.

In the end, I just would like to say:

Love you Amal family and Stay blessed because you have made a most beautiful part of my life.