AHHHH! Why are you waking me up so early!

Anne stop that, you know I hate it when someone

does that. Bu…. Anne leave now, but Jack you don’t understand, I think

the MAGIC TREE HOUSE is back! Really! Yes, if you don’t believe me, come out and check yourself.” OK Anne I will get ready and come, wait for me downstairs. As they started running relentlessly toward the forest they saw an immense OAK tree and a tree house on it with a girl waving from the window. It was Kathleen and Teddy (also known as Ted)
As we started climbing the ladder, we approached the door and pushed it open. So what is our mission for today, Kathleen? Well Morgan,Le Fa told me to tell you, you’re going to MISTY FOREST where you must find the one and only purple dye, it is the most rare, most delicate object ,and you must find it.
Hear is a scroll it will tell you the way to the treasure, you must not open it until you get there. Will you come with us? I am afraid we cannot, the painter in Camelot needs help choosing a proper color for the Art Gallery. Suddenly the tree house started moving, round and round and round, until it became still, absolutely still.
Anne, where are we? Check in the book Jack. It says: The Misty Forest has tall trees with holes for squirrels and it is unique because of its mists, the mists in Misty Forest are unlike any mists you have ever seen, they are in the shape of flying unicorns which are always awake. Wow! I never knew that jack. I know and this place must be Misty Forest. Jack open the scroll,open it!Oh calm down Anne, I will, It says:
This is what it says. I don’t understand it Jack, the eye of the sky, the wizard, I don’t even think it makes sense. Anne, none of the scrolls we have ever had made sense. OK, Jack lets go. As they climbed down the ladder, they saw the amazing view of the entire forest.
Haaa (Jack in shock) Anne I……I fear, awake, unicorns, scroll. What? Jack I could not understand you. hahuhahuhahuhahuhahu ( Jack taking deep breaths ) Anne I fear the sentence in the scroll that said : AND FEAR OF THOSE WHO ARE AWAKE meant the fear of the unicorns and soon it will rain.
But Jack how do you know? From the book, remember the part where it says the unicorns are always awake. Yeah, it is all coming back to me know. Come on Anne we don’t have time. As they started running, jack understood the first part of the poem, Anne we first need to find the wizard, no Jack we need to save the unicorns.
Anne, don’t go that way. But Anne didn’t listen to Jack and headed towards the unicorns, Jack had to follow her because he could not leave his sister alone. When Anne tried to explain what would happen to the unicorns they did not understand her. Anne, they did not understand you because they take orders from a certain wizard.
But Anne still didn’t listen and screamed even louder at the unicorns, that’s when they heard a voice from behind, that said: children, children why are you screaming at those innocent creatures, they mean no harm, really.Sorry , sir but we need to send a very important massage to a wizard, do you know where we can find one.
Sorry, I can’t help you there but if you need a ride on a unicorn, I can. Really, we are sorry we didn’t introduce our-self, my name is Jack and this is my sister Anne, what’s your name sir? My name is Leo the Emperor of the forest, but you can call me Leo.
Well now let me take you on that ride you asked for, but first I must ensure my unicorns are ready. After about 15 minutes he came back and said Jack you take Glism and Anne you take Glimmer, I will take Glory. Hea! Horse Hea ! Woho! Ayey! Jack isn’t this awesome?
Yeah. Anne I got it! Got what Jack? The poem. He is the wizard. Really. Yes. You see when he went to ensure his unicorns, he was actually communicating with his unicorns. I see you know my little secret. We need your help, the unicorns are in trouble.
Anne I got another bit of the poem, the big wave means the big flood. So there is going to be a flood. I guess. Leo you must leave this place with your unicorns, this place has great danger, there is going to be a flood. And what proof do you have, Jack.
I guess I don’t have any proof. See, no proof means no flood. Relax Jack, Leo knows what he is saying. I hope so Anne. Well friends, do you like the view from here. Yeah, it’s awesome. NOW we need to get back, it’s getting dark and you can stay at my place.
Jeee! Thanks Leo. We really appreciate that. Hea ! Come on friends, lets gooooooo! On the way Jack saw something, something he was afraid, would happen. Anne, Anne, look, it’s …..It’s coming. What’s coming, Jack. T…….T……That! aaaaaaaaaah (Anne in shock)
L………. L…….. Leo, what happened, look, it’s what I warned you about, the flood. I ……. I …….I don’t know what to say, I am so sorry. There is no time for sorry, we need to secure the unicorns, its moving fast, come on, no! I need to do this by myself, Jack, Anne I am sorry.
No, you are right, you are the only one who can communicate with the unicorns. Yeah, Jack is right, you go on we’ll wait for you here. Thank you friends for understanding. Anne look, it’s coming closer and closer each minute, we need to go now.
Excuse me Leo, but the water is coming closer we need to leave now, yes, they are ready, hop aboard and sit on the same unicorns you did before. Hea! Sigueme Unicornios, follow me! Haaaaa! Where do we live know? Look there is a nice island, far from the water.
Yeah, you’re right Anne. Let’s land there, great idea Leo. Tierra alli ! Weeeeeeeeee! Look out!Wehu! That was close, thanks for warning us.There is another one, watch out! Thanks again. You’re welcome. It looks like there will be a storm, we need to hurry.
Dun! Dun! What’s that? It’s gust thunder, don’t worry. Watch out! It’s a thunderbolt, it is very deadly,and so keep your eyes peeled for em.That’s it, if we get out of this mess we will finish our quest. There we will find shelter. Come on, hea! Ahhhh! Finally we are out of that horrible storm.
We will rest here for the day, tomorrow first thing in the morning we will leave for the island. Ahhhhhhh! Why did we have to wake up first thing in the morning? To get a head start Anne and besides,waking up early in the morning is very healthy.
Come on we need to leave. Get on the same horses. We know. Hea! Down there, look, it’s a perfect place lets land there, tierra alli. Aha! beautiful, well we need to be going, our mother will be worried. Yes, so you better get going, but before you leave here is something from me to you.
Thank you. Have a safe journey home. As they got on their unicorns, they said good bye to their friend and left. Hea! Down there, look, it’s our tree house,tierra alli. As they jumped down, the unicorn disappeared into the light. Come on Jack, let’s hurry.
They reached the tree house and climbed the ladder. Anne, say the magic words. OK, I wish we could go back. As Anne said that, the magic tree house started spinning round and round until it was absolutely still. Come on Jack, let’s go. They climbed down the ladder and started running relentlessly, they passed their neighborhood,they saw their house and hurried inside, out of breath. What an adventure.

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Iam 10years old

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