The world of sales is not flat

The world is not flat, and all dinosaurs are dead. If this is news to you, you are in trouble. Resistance to change, neglect to absorb new insights is a big threat to many sales organizations. If the operation is based on history and “this is how we always have done it” it becomes really risky. Most disciplines and processes in business are under constant scrutiny and change to be more efficient, but not always the case for sales. Major investment in R&D, product development and marketing can be totally wasted if the sales organization is not up to par.

Lots of people in sales are in denial to new knowledge and insights. The sales/buying relation is really changing, and so is knowledge about how to effectively transform a sales culture to a new best practice. I am sorry to say, but sales is traditionally too populated with “overconfident” people with a big smile not open for change, they already know it all. Resistance to change your sales culture can jeopardize your growth. Can “old dogs” learn new tricks? of course they can, with the right attitude, insights, motivation and management. To become a good sales professional, you don’t have to be born with one specific personality, it’s all about behavior and to embrace change. In the sports world the best athletes have something in common, they have a talent, train harder and are open about how to become even better by learning and coaching.

The products and solutions you sell can be brilliant and really competitive, but how they are sold are often not. Today, how you sell is far more important than what you sell. Whether your competitor’s products can compete with you or not is not the point, they can totally outsell you anyway by just being better.

The world is not flat, and all dinosaurs are dead

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