Value based selling is a Win-Win

Value based selling is often described as an approach to be more successful in your sales work. This is completely true, and you become even more successful if you are proactive. Customers expect you to base all your proposals on their value, What’s their ROI buying something from you? To do this you need to understand your customer’s business otherwise you can’t describe the value, but the job should be done with your customer during the earlier parts of the sales process.

The interesting part is in today’s market the experience of buying from you is the single most important area for customer loyalty. The customer wants you to explore, enlighten and challenge them in the sales process to end up in a solution which creates most value.

Value based selling does not only help your customers to buy and understand the value of your offerings, it also drives your growth. How you sell will be more important than what you sell and is the biggest differentiator there is today.

But few people have realized it’s also the best way to defend a god margin for you, price is only important when value is low and if you can show value you also can get a good margin.

This is what I call a real WIN-WIN!

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