Solidity Integration with Visual Studio

Maybe, it can be general error but how to fix it ?
Visual Studio(2015) OutPut
Deployment to http://localhost:8000/ started!
User used for deployment: testuser

User found: bacac09242005ea1bc9b05a149ffe0ba022a1222

Contract Payout created successfully at address error uploading contract
Contract can be accessed here: http://localhost:8000/contracts/Payout/error uploading contract.html (default password: testing)

Command Prompt

C:\Source\testapp>bloc start
bloc is listening on

api is pointed to with profile strato-dev

GET /users/ 200 37.801 ms — 12

GET /users/testuser 200 7.706 ms — 44

contract as body is: undefined

constructor arguments: undefined

data is: bacac09242005ea1bc9b05a149ffe0ba022a1222

About to upload contract

compile failed with error message: Solidity: extabi: HTTPQuery: connect ECONNREF

caught a single contract

POST /users/testuser/bacac09242005ea1bc9b05a149ffe0ba022a1222/contract 200 1869.
553 ms — 24

extension was matched: html

Finally, Chrome url:

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