Remote job search across borders and your CV

Over the years, I have had an eight page CV for consulting gigs which I have presented whenever the need for a CV is called for, However last week I read an article by Quincy Larson You in 6 seconds how to write a résumé that employers will actually read and then it hit me that the global economy and HR experts of today would not patiently go through a lengthy CV knowing fully well I am no professor :).

The words and message in that article kept ringing in my head that I could not resist the temptation to do something about my CV especially for non-nigerian potential employers. Oh well I am no Mac User hence I don’t have the all new ish Sketchapp but old buddy Adobe CS6 Firework came in handy and this is what I came up with, My own version of me in 6 seconds

Referees are blotted Out on Purpose

Interestingly I had to eliminate some of the tiny bits like the plethora of Udemy courses on various areas of the Web that I had taken sometimes ago.

It would be good to have your thoughts; yes you :)

Peace! Eid Mubarak to all muslims and friends!


Don’t shoot me if the title offends you :)