I will have you all know that I had a cold bath. ◕ ‿ ◕

I stood still for “only” 15 minutes, yes — my inner systems needed that much time to decide about the big cold hit.

While standing there — staring at the patterns on the wall, trying to identify familiar shapes, or maybe uncover some illuminati conspiracy plan which was cleverly illustrated there for some futuristic purpose waiting for the right person or alien to unpuzzle it — my consciousness was busy about proportions, scales and relativity, the expanding universe or perhaps the multiverse, we don’t really know, it’s a wonderful light-emitting dust in which we inhabit the surface of a particle we call Earth (yes you name it and you think you know it), it’s a particle that was fine-tuned for us to sustain our kind.

When we look at the universe, the universe moves into us, I am pretty sure, so I decided to make my muscles tight and go for the cold hit.

Long story short: I had a cold shower.

[The image above says “Shower” in Arabic, beautiful typography, isn’t it? ☺]


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