I got a text today from someone I went on a few dates with back in May. We just let the thing fizzle. No harm, no foul. On some of our dates he confided in me that he was unhappy with the way his manager would treat him and that he wanted a new job. As a helpful person and a connector, I wanted to help. In the months we chatted over the summer, I sent him various job leads so that he could escape his corporate job. Maybe I was secretly hoping my generosity would give us a chance…

Thanks to my friends for alerting me to the news:
Emily (@itsemycee), Aubra (@aubra_marie), and Audrey (@OddreyM)

Full Story:
Big Brother was my life growing up. It was the show that brought me the online community that changed my life. It was the bond between me and my closest friends. It was the first online community I ever managed and was my earliest experience doing social media before it was ever called social media and before I ever got paid to do it. Season 6 was so epic that they had to try to bring everyone back for all-stars. Jame…

There’s a story about three blind mice that hear that an elephant is coming to town. Unfortunately, they have never seen an elephant before. They all go to investigate. The first mouse gets splashed by the trunk and says, “An elephant must be like a hose!” The second mouse touches the long stringy tail and says, “An elephant must be like a rope!” The third mouse feels the rough foot and says, “An elephant must be like a tree!” While what all these mice see and feel is totally correct, none of them can see the full picture of what…

I am a proud and curvy girl. I realized over the last few years that I was different. I look at the mirror and want to strike a pose. I love the way I look and how I dress. More to love means to more to love ;)

Look, I am not stupid. There are plenty of good reasons to be eating healthy and exercising. I know that. The world screams it every day. Most of my diet is protein-loaded fruit smoothies, bag salads, and an endless amount of eggs. Not going to lie, a few more side items plus…

Good people encourage me to live my dreams even in a world where most let their fears stop them. I have always been one to work outside the box.

  • I went to school to study education but did not want to be a full time teacher
  • I use my personality in plays and musicals but don’t want to be an actor
  • I love teaching sex education but don’t want to work in health care
  • I excel in public speaking but don’t want to be fully in the speaker circuit

So what do I really want?

I want to do all…

Shaily Hakimian

Smile maker via Events, Social Media, and Teaching — — patreon.com/hakimian45 Linkedin.com/in/hakimian45

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