My journey to becoming VP of Engineering at VeriSIM Life

How did I get here?

I’ve worked in and around Silicon Valley for the last 20 years, including at several high-profile startups. I created an anti-spam Operations Center platform from scratch to filter billions of emails. I built the software for a CPU chip testing lab which saved the company millions of dollars. I ran my own Linux consulting practice, where I honed my sales and marketing skills to grow a substantial business. I built a massively scalable and adaptable automated testing suite for a vendor of desktop Beowulf supercomputers.

More recently, I spent about 11 years at I started with a small team of 3, maintaining a critical backend vertical search product. Later, after I earned a promotion to Director, I managed a team of 20 engineers, growing our Search Engine Marketing systems by two orders of magnitude and building an automated bidding system to increase margins beyond what could be reasonably done by business analysts alone.

Why VeriSIM Life?

A product I believe in

The team of scientists and engineers at VeriSIM has built digital twins of seven different mammal species (including humans) that learn how drugs behave in the body. These simulations are constantly improving using a range of ML techniques, driving the accuracy higher and higher, well beyond where the rest of the industry is today. VeriSIM has a chance to completely change the way new drugs are brought to market, drastically reducing animal testing while increasing the throughput of the drug development pipeline. That’s going to lead to saving a lot of lives.

An amazing team

I’ve never met such a talented group of people in my life. Accomplished scientists, superb engineers, and a very smart Founder and CEO, Dr. Jo Varshney, who won my trust and loyalty by establishing a culture of excellence, transparency, and accountability. Every leader I know dreams of being able to work with a team like that. Every day I learn something new about science or technology or leadership.

How I add value

My skillset is particularly well-suited to a cutting-edge startup like VeriSIM Life. I bring a great deal of experience, hard won through a wide range of companies — large and small, public and private, hardware and software. I know how to lead successful technical teams to deliver great products, accelerating teams to reach their full potential. I very much enjoy mentoring and have launched several successful leaders from my teams on to impressive careers of their own. I care passionately about helping my team to deliver elegant, efficient code that they can be proud of, and celebrating their far-reaching achievements.

Let’s Go!

I am so excited to start this next phase of my career serving as VP of Engineering at VeriSIM. I am grateful for this opportunity to be a part of this special group. We have a lot of tough, interesting challenges in front of us, and I know we’re going to have fun together solving these problems.

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