Apple’s AirPods are junk, and it’s all Siri’s fault
Owen Williams

Are you Scottish? Just sayin’. Perhaps that’s why you have trouble with Siri, the accent. Because, the PPP is increasingly impressed with each iteration of Siri. It is to me, largely faultless. So much so that I find myself increasingly using the ‘hey Siri’ function. Quite lame actually, and intrusive, say, during sexual activity! Just today I said this exact sentence: “Hey Siri, please convert 3/32nds of an inch to millimetres.” This was resolved to ‘about 2.83mm’ instantly. Oh I always say ‘please’ too. Perhaps you could be politer. That, or you have an accent Siri can’t understand.

I realise my post is about Siri and not the Buds, but your objections are largely Siri based. I so badly want a pair but I work in an alpha male dominated industry and am afraid of being punched (for) wearing them!

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