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‘Red Hill Mining Town’ here’s your text:

Ultimately, the only people able to afford tix are those in well paying resource sector jobs. (This makes sense to any Western Australian, perhaps not elsewhere)

The thing that puzzles me Nathan, and applies to your earlier, most excellent treatment of the same topic is why you, and others for that matter, expect free market forces not to be exploited in music or indeed, creative endeavours in general? If people refused to pay scalper prices, scalping would not exist. In our glorious capitalist system, a thing is worth what someone will pay for it. So crappy bands can’t get financial returns for their music and big acts get scalped several times the original ticket value. How is that materially different from Über surge pricing, the price of coffee in an airport or the sharp price increases in petrol just before a holiday period? All dodgy practices, but no one goes into bag for the coffee drinker.

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