The 1,000 Calorie Protein Shake
Jesse Warren Tevelow

So I’m going to be a naysayer here. I suggest you cut out all the sugars and artificial / processed stuff in both the supplement and the ice cream. A tub a month seriously? Go read the list of ingredients in any commercial supplement- it’s like a chemistry starter set.

Here’s a viable alternative based on 99.9% pure whey protein powder. There are a couple of these that are just powdered whey, no other ingredients.

Pure WPI / WPC to taste;

Frozen banana to taste;

Whole milk powder to proportions recommended on the packet;

Organic coconut oil to taste;

Organic cacao powder to taste;

Pure vanilla essence to taste;

Whiz and enjoy.

You shouldn’t need sweetener (please) but try minimal amount of coconut syrup or raw honey. More calories? Arc up the coconut oil! It’s 100% fat.

Variations; add frozen berries, mango or avocado to the above, subtracting something else, or don’t.

I believe this is better tasting than anything based on hydrologised soy protein and bits of “herring, mackerel, salmon, sardine, tuna cod”. (As I say, read the label)

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