Why Paper Books Will Never Die
Adam El-Naggar

Such a personal thing! Remember those who lamented the passing of wine corks? Missed the ritual they said. Don’t hear that much these days. Just unscrew the cap and pour. No device needed, no nasty floating bits oh, and the lid goes back on AND no spoilage. Same with paper- it could be argued that you are lusting after something that you won’t actually miss.

The PPP has virtually discarded books. Here’s why:

  • I’m interested in the content, not the delivery. So, the magical words of a wordsmith such as Margaret Atwood totally transcend any presentation style.
  • I hate how books have a left and right orientation meaning you have to shift positions in some circumstances, such as reading in bed.
  • Ditto the way the book changes ‘thickness’ as you read your way through it.
  • No backlight in a book- you must have a separate light source. Aeroplanes anyone?
  • How does anyone read without a contextual dictionary? I have occasionally pressed on a word on a page to get it defined- doh!
  • Kindles use particles, not pixels so no melatonin disruption from blue light, high resolution text and comfortable reading. Nothing to do with books but a plug for ereaders over tablets
  • Bulk, cost and sourcing of books are all negatives.
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