Apple in 2016: What’s Going on?
George Creasy

The PPP posted this just the other day based in another anti-Apple rant. So I’m ripping off myself. Bored now, shan’t do it again.

What is it about Apple that makes them the target of so much hate/whingeing/advice? Are they not one of the most successful companies in the world on most measures? So, why so many people in this forum tell them what they are doing wrong? I imagine if they a) made as many mistakes as people say they do and b) get so much wrong, how can this be? Clearly if they can make so much money being as crap as they are accused of being, must be a doddle to beat ‘em eh?

So George, since Apple clearly have their whole corporate structure and direction wrong here’s a great chance for you to make your millions. Go forth, start your own tech company, avoiding the devastating Apple errors of no disk drives, no CD drives, no earphone jack, no HDMI etc etc etc. and and make billions yourself. Must be a huge market going begging……..

Oh, and the bloke you miss? I’m sure he ditched the floppy drive, the CD, the FireWire port etc etc.

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