Review of Soylent’s Coffiest
Sean Everett

Wow! The PPP is a health nut and would not be consuming this stuff. If the ingredients read like a junior chemistry set, leave it outside the body say I.

On a more positive note I can help you with explaining the packaging. Below is the PPP’s supplement of choice, at least a photo of the packaging. It contains just one, yes one, ingredient, at least to two decimal places of purity. It’s whey protein from cows. And all the listed amino acids are actually in the whey, nothing is added. I figure the long analysis makes it look more scientificy and important. I guess that it is for this reason that all supplement products are packaged this whey (boom, chisch!). What you have purchased is a clever re-imagining of a common or garden supplement product, the like of which you will find in any gym or supplement shop. And no, many of us don’t recommend them either.

Perhaps a berry smoothie with 99.9 % pure whey powder instead? Vegan? Try pea protein or similar, but not with added flavourings.

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