Waiting for the Zombies

What are we waiting for, armed in terror?

The zombies will come today.

Why have the police abandoned the streets?
Why are the stations and hospitals empty?

Because the zombies will come today.
What law can there be now?
In such terror, we will have an order of fear.

Why are we barricaded, ready at the windows?
Why this hoarding of water and ammunition?
Suburban families with larders and fortifications.

Because the zombies are coming today.
Citizen and neighbor may be among them.
Perhaps survivors will barter with silver coins,
But for now each is an enemy.

Why have the lights gone dark and the television silent,
After months of narrative and panic?
Where have the politicians and reporters gone,
When it had seemed that they were everywhere?
Why are there no polls or graphics?
Why no furious argument about our future?

Because the zombies will come today
And such things do not concern them.

Why don’t we take to the streets ourselves,
And defend each other in brave solidarity?

Because the zombies will come today
There can be no unity with this danger.

Why this sudden restlessness, this confusion?
(See how father’s face has fallen)
Why have we cast aside our weapons
And emerged, trembling in thought?

Because night has fallen and the
Zombies have not come.
And voices on the radio say
There are no zombies any longer.

And how will we go on without zombies?
They were, those creatures, a kind of solution.

(apologies to Cavafy)

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