6 👍 & 6 👎: An Android User Review on iPhone 6

Before leaving the world of iPhones and heading destination Android in 2013, I carried the humble iPhone S4 that was the reason why I both left and, paradoxically enough, came back!

Till this date I still contemplate whether my perception of iPhones is built on their mere capabilities or that it has been deeply my wired by all the hocus-pocus about the brand’s vision, Steve Jobs or even that particular fragrance that all iPhones (and iPods) have at the time of unboxing. Sure, Eve’s fruit is sexy and left a fingerprint somewhere in my psychology as a user back pulling me to come back after 4 years, but brand loyalty was not my thing and I wanted to try a considerably cheaper-yet-great brand (aka Samsung) which proved to provide phones with literally everything I needed, including the offline radio app that iPhone, in all its mightiness, never had. Besides, the iPhone 4 home button was starting to get on my nerves, making me switch from lightly touching my keyboard on the screen to having to press (with that cricketing sound) the circular home base in order to navigate around, which ended up not being responsive in less than 6 months. Don’t blame me- I do EVERYTHING on my phone!

And just like that I decided to bid farewell to the world of i- for a more flexible and practical option.

And now I decided to come back. And type this very blog piece on an iPhone 6.

Not 7, 7 Plus, 6S, or 6 Plus. Just 6.

Let’s clear out some reasons why out of the way before we start.

Why I returned

I felt that as part of growing up and not settling down for less than the "premium" options was a must.

Why not iPhone7?

Simply put, that tiny dongle. I can’t keep track of where I place my phones and their headphones all the time, and now you want my life to depend upon one more extra piece, Apple? No, thanks.

Why not Plus?

It’s big. I am a girl with tiny hands.

Why not blessing it with an S?

By the time I decided to pick an iPhone again, and don’t get me wrong I adore iPhones, I decided to be a bit cautious and be willing to toss it out to go back to Samsung anytime I felt that I could have made the wrong deal. I repeat, I do everything on my phone so I need a somewhat low-maintenance partner who would effortlessly support throughout daily activities. Also, I think a part of me never got over the bending issue that was everyone’s topic of discussion in 2016.

And now that you know where I’m coming from, let me dive into the main topic of this blog entry. Keep in mind that due to my experience, most of the review compares iPhone 6 to its 4 predecessor, breezing across iPhone 5 for accuracy purposes. Add to that, my take on iPhone 6 as an ex Samsung user.

The transitional period from Android to iOS (and from Samsung S6 to iPhone 6)

This took no longer than 24 hours of playing around, app downloads and figuring ways around the disheartening lack of full support to Google Drive. Nevertheless, that feeling of being handled by an elegant, tech/design state-of-the-art and fully stacked mobile phone never subsided. And it wasn’t just a feeling. iPhones and their representative (including its most memorable the late Steve Jobs) have always talked and walked the talk- Apple keeps pushing boundaries and reshaping the user’s experience with every iPhone model.

The 6 that impressed ❤️

1- The improved Touch ID for enhanced security and usage on Apple Pay, which started with 5S and has remained a part of the iPhone in subsequent hardware updates.

2- Apple Pay that revolutionized the way in which our purchases take place

3- Improvements to the interface of iMessage with fun stickers and eye-candy visual effects.

4- The battery life in comparison to previous models with 1,810mAh which will normally last for 24 hours or regular usage.

5- The enhanced user experience (UX) through the placement of visual elements and navigating options- something that, in my opinion, no Android phone can top.

6- The Home app that brilliantly links to other Apple home devices to your iPhone, such as Apply tv.

The 6 that didn’t 💔

1- The camera. In comparison to the one in Samsung Galaxy S6 and more recent models, iPhone 6’s rear camera falls short with 8 megapixels (versus 16 megapixels on Galaxy S6)

2- Alarms in all iPhone versions (and yes in iPhone 6 as well) still do not display how much time is remaining until the alarm goes off.

3- The inability to attach files in my emails is disorienting

4- iPhone 6 heats up with continuous usage in a way that I never experienced with either iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S6

5- iMovie’s editing capabilities on the phone are almost non-existent in comparison to its counterpart on Mac.

6- The way the phone shows a saved contact’s availability on WhatsApp. Unlike Android, iOS doesn’t display the WhatsApp icon near the contact’s name and vaguely displays "instant message (found on WhatsApp)", which once clicked takes the user to yet another page before finally shifting to WhatsApp. This is something that didn’t happen with iPhone 4.


iPhone 6 carries the legendary DNA of Apply and is surely not living on reputation with continuous introductions of innovations, enhancements, updates. But it’s not iPhones fault that the extremely flexible mentality of though who created the Android system are allowing changes to happen left and right, from the most basic additions (such as the mention of duration when alarm is set) to the deaf ear turned to lenient reinforcement of privacy and legal matters. (such as allowing free music download through various means). I am sure iPhone 6 users could find ways around that while enjoying their Apple experience.

Gentles do not reprehend, the iPhone is still a wonderful device to have and it seems that it will always bear the flagship of excellence and unparalleled style, but I am merely a young user in a time where my phone became close to being an extra organ.

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