British Muslim Teenage Tech Entrepreneur Turns Down Over £5Million Bid For His Money Saving Tech Platform

Mohammed Ali Tech Guru

An inspirational British teenager from Dewsbury a town in West Yorkshire has been running businesses since the tender age of 12. Mohammed Ali who comes from a humble background and is the son of a taxi driver has morphed into a self-taught tech genius. Whilst attending Batley Grammar school he was able to develop a number of websites, as well as creating apps. This time last year Ali was developing technology which focussed around World Currency Gold Rates which, uses Java language and mathematics, to provide gold, diamond and platinum rates to Forex users. Ali is now studying A-Levels at a local college.

Ali has developed amazing programming skills and even designed his own game, charging monthly subscription rates of £5.99 to hundreds of users who were using his game eventually earning £30, 000. The game he created was called Project 2006 which was a resounding success. It became popular in rapid succession and he had more than 3,000 registered members over the period of four months.

The self-made business guru has saved enough money to pay for his university fees for future studies. Ali currently has made just over £40,000 from his various ventures and endeavours in the tech industry. Ali initially used the platform of You Tube to learn how to create websites and develop relevant features.

Tech guru Ali became aware at a young age that his skills using computers could help him earn money. He set up a tech business called Flaming Sites, which created websites. Ali has been considerate with his money that he has earned through his work and aims to save most of it. Occasionally he purchases gifts for his mother such as hoovers and sofas.

Ali has often travelled to the south of the country to the economic heartland of the UK, London. He recently went to London for a business meeting seeking investment for his tech journey. However a consortium of American business people offered him a serious amount of money to purchase his new web platform. The exact sum offered was not disclosed but was more than £5 million. Ali who is now studying at sixth form rejected the deal towards the end of last year. He believes his creation is worth a lot of money and will grow in value in the coming years. Ali’s has created a real time money saving platform using algorithms he has developed due to be launched soon called Ali has been working on this with his partner who is called Mr. Thorpe who noticed the young rising tech star whilst watching a BBC News TV report about his unique tech skills and business journey.

The money saving platform is due to be launched at the end of January, 2017 and Ali aims to motivate and inspire young people to become involved in business and become future leaders.

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