Indonesian City Padang Aims To Boost Halal Travel Eco-System

Padang, Indonesia

Halal travel and tourism are becoming more popular than ever before. Indonesia was recognised as a destination for Halal travel after several successful accolades at the World Halal Tourism Awards 2016. One of the cities in West Sumatra, Padang is working on creating infrastructure to develop a world class Halal travel eco-system which will help attract travellers from all over the globe to visit the East Asian nation.

Indonesia is home to the largest Muslim community worldwide with over 200 million people stating their faith as Islam. The Mayor of Padang also realised the potential available to enhance the economy of the Indonesian nation. The Mayor was keen to focus on the importance of Halal standards and facilities. He stated it was important to have Halal certified restaurants and hotels to meet the needs of the Muslim target market. There are around 48 Halal restaurants in the city currently.

The Indonesian government has also made active efforts to develop its Halal industry. Indonesia has been working collaboratively with business entities and investors from the Gulf region. Saudi Arabian and Qatari business representatives visited Indonesia last year in late autumn to explore and discuss opportunities in the Halal travel sector. In addition to interest for business development from Gulf based countries other countries in the nearby region such as Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia are also interested in working together with the Indonesian government in order to advance the Islamic economy.

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