Mr Erbil Iraq’s Premier Kurdish Hip Fashion Gentlemen’s Club

Iraq is an ancient land with a long history and is situated in the cradle of human civilisation. Fabled with cities such as ancient Babylon, the city of wisdom Baghdad and other historical and momentous landmarks Iraq is a place of wanders. However in recent times the wars that have ensued across the region and country have had a major physical and psychological impact leaving the area partly in ruin. 220 miles north of Baghdad lies the famous city of Erbil. The city is the capital of the Kurdish region and holds an array of gems in turbulent times. One group of men who are determined to carry on living their lives in Erbil are fast becoming the icons of the city.

This new collection of men have set up a group which is known as Mr Erbil. Mr Erbil’s inaugural event and first photoshoot took place in February 2016. It brought ripples of excitement across social media. Dubbed “gentlemen’s gatherings” in a recent profile in Vocativ, the photos were taken amazingly at the city’s ancient citadel, a UN renowned world heritage site. These men are young and fashion conscious.

The photos that were captured were of 20 men showcasing themselves in the latest Western men’s fashion — specifically, the style recently associated with hipsters, replete with the trademark sharp suits, tight trousers and lovingly trimmed beards — became wildly popular on Instagram.

Mr Erbil now has around 30 male members who regularly display the latest in top end suits and designs. There have been statements throughout the social scene that this is the first Kurdish men’s fashion club with over 25k followers on Instagram and also wider social media platforms such as Facebook. The group claim their style is modern but also contains heritage and culture linking back to traditional Kurdish land owning class known as the Effendis. These land owners in the past would dress to high standards and go out for events such as tea parties.

Mr Erbil’s members are aiming to promote fashion as an alternative means to express Kurdish identity and values as well as showcase their culture to a wider audience. The men’s club also campaigns around women’s rights in the country. Many of the men support large beards with stylish moustaches similar to the hipster culture prevalent in parts of the UK such as in East London, Shoreditch. Mr Erbil is leading the way for high end fashion, dress and style which is bringing about change and a highly popular emerging trend and identity through the mediums of fashion and clothes.

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