#juststart project


It seems somewhat funny but it is the fact in daily life there are many little things which we cannot do because we feel hesitation. For a long time I want to learn about nail paints. So I decide to learn and apply nail arts on my nails.

2-Tasks to achieve this Target:

1) To watch some tutorials for learning.

2) To try on paper and show my sister.

3) Apply on my nails and show to all friends.


Every time I saw different nail arts something in me urged me to apply nail paints on my own nails. Applying nail paints is actually relaxing and it gives happiness to me. It smells so amazing and it makes someone look fresh because of the glittery and shining colors. So I decided it’s time to do this task.

I wanted to do this practice because I was crazy about nail paints. They made me feel so good. I had addiction to collect nail paints and every time I went to the market I used to buy at least one nail paint. But I just collected them and saved them in my cupboard. I couldn’t apply them because I felt hesitation or maybe I was afraid of being made fun of myself.

In past whenever I tried to apply nail paints , I thought it was not looking good or I couldn’t do this. I was afraid of being criticized by people. There was always a fear of making mistake. My friends made fun of me. And mostly one of my friend offered me help. In this way I was not able to do by myself.

I decided to believe in myself, to make mistakes and face criticism. I prepared myself to listen comments of my friends.

Tasks to achieve this goal:

1) I selected my favorite combination colors.

2) I watched five tutorials on YouTube.

3) I practiced on paper and took a snap and send it to my sister.

4) I finally applied nail art on my nails and showed to all friends.

It was a great experience actually, at first I was a little bit nervous but when I showed my work to my elder sister she appreciated my effort and encouraged me to do more. Then I applied them to my own nails and went to people and everyone liked my effort.

I learned so much from this experience like how to initiate something and how to fulfill a desire. It taught me to be myself and told me there is nothing in this word which can stop you if you really want to do something. It made me realize mistakes are the best teacher and they are mandatory whenever you are going through to something new. I learned how to face positive and negative criticism and how to respond to people in this situation. I learned a lot of patience.

Next steps are to do the other things that I wanted to do but didn’t like I want to write English prose.

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