Edhi sb,

On seeing a successful person, many people relate his achievement to luck. Others may think it as a fruit of diligence. To me, hard work is one of the ingredients of success but success is highly dependent on the correctness of the guiding principles you set to succeed in any goal. My theory is affirmed by studying the life of Abdul Satar Edhi, who is the most influential philanthropist of Pakistan. I will share some of the instances to support my point.

In his autobiography, “A mirror to the blind”, Edhi tells his journey of success starting from his childhood. In his school days, he tells that he had a spark of helping other people. So, whenever he used to get a chance to do something good for the society, he did it no matter how small the act was it. He narrates that when a rich business man opened a dispensary in his area, he volunteered himself for providing medicines to people’s homes and to look after the injured and handicapped in the streets. Edhi himself was a son of a businessman with above average income, but he did not avoided to do small things of kindness to his people. Similarly, he also tells how he used to sell pencils and matchboxes to get money for the poor. He believed in the importance of small actions that can cause major changes with the passage of time.

There were a number of principles of progress mentioned in the book, but I liked the idea of “Just start from the small steps”. The reason is that I also have experienced a many incidents in life when I tried from the zero level and got a chance to be recognized afterwards. For example, I wanted to be a published writer in my university magazine, but I could not write anything worth-publishing. I did not lose hope, and tried to practice on daily basis. Many friends discouraged me that I cannot write, but I continued with a hope of improvement and kept on sending the writings to the editors. My consistency of learning how to write impressed one of the editors and with his help, I was able to get my story published in the magazine.

I believe in the fact that anyone can follow this principle of Amal (Just Start) to get something distinguished in his/her life. This principle reveals your dedication to your goal. Day-dreaming cannot result in anything, but it is important to take the initiative. We should be aware of the fact that luck always favours the prepared.

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