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So, another woman suddenly comes forward to accuse a multi-billionaire a few weeks before an election? Hmmm…seems to me that the media and the DNC are in a constant “Hey [snap..snap of the fingers] don’t read that stuff about Hillary corruption, selling the government to foreign entities, attacking women who accused Bill of all his sexual misconduct, lying to the American people about Benghazi, lying to Congress about Benghazi and an illegal email server, destroying evidence in a Federal investigations, and…[my fingers got tired of typing]…

Yeah, we get the idea…Americans can’t focus on the real issues, or the real villain, so all these BS Trump stories need to be fabricated. Frankly, I’ve seen Hillary for four decades now, and know how corrupt and morally bankrupt they are. Four decades of scandals can’t be glossed over by a media, the Democrats and even the black community who up to a year ago thought Trump was a great guy. But then he ran for office as a Republican….

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