Apparently I’m a stooge of the Israeli government
Owen Jones

I’m British Jewish, and also passionately pro-Palestinian (and, incidentally, a big fan of your journalism). I don’t condemn your decision to speak at the JLM outright, but I do think that your claim that there will be a variety of views on Israel and Palestine at the event is somewhat naive. Yes there may be some variety, but the JLM is known to be a pro-Israel organisation — e.g. its chair is Jeremy Newmark! If you are committed to promoting dialogue, I suggest that you use the platform to promote an alternative perspective on the conflict, one that the JLM relatively consistently try to silence. At a time when JLM and sections of Labour are attempting to brush under the rug some of the horrific revelations depicted in The Lobby (, pro-Palestinian voices such as yours are desperately needed. If you speak out at the event, it won’t be popular, but it will be brave and it will be just.