Different Application of Polyester Hook and Loop

If you are looking for adhesives for your home, office or car, you would have found various options in the market. There are sew on adhesives, adhesive backed fasteners and specialty fasteners manufactured from different materials, offering different characteristics. What you choose depends on the application, type of substrate, requirement for adhesion, and timeline of the project along with the budget. In the adhesive backed fasteners, polyester hook and loop fasteners are particularly popular for their ease of use, strength, and diversity of application.

The polyester hook and loop are almost identical to nylon hook and loop, but render greater strength and durability in outdoor environments. Manufactured from ethylene which is extracted from petroleum products, the polyester adhesive system comes in the same shape and sizes as nylon fasteners. While, nylon fasteners have resistance against wear and tear, mildew growth, and fading, polyester system does exceptionally well under harsh outdoor circumstances and water applications.


Furthermore, the simple peel off system makes it workable in most of the applications. It means that these fasteners can be used for various home and commercial assemblies.

The polyester hook and loop are particularly preferable for outdoor applications or in environments with high temperature and UV exposure. Here are some of the common applications of polyester fasteners.

1- Used in Furniture: As the adhesive based polyester fasteners can work on wooden and laminate surfaces, these are used in furniture assembly in homes and offices. If you want to move a furniture assembly, a polyester adhesive can be the quickest and the most inexpensive solution.

2- Bonding of Different Materials: If you are looking for an adhesive solution where you want to stick two different materials together, polyester hook and loop is the answer. For example, if you want to stick a metal rod to the wall outside of your home, you can use an adhesive based polyester fastener to do it.

3- Fixing Labels, Printed Materials, Signposts: Whether you are looking to add signs to your office or advertise marketing material on walls or other surfaces, you can use polyester fasteners to do it properly. As the polyester is more resistant to UV rays and is resistant to shrinking, it can perform well for a long period.

4- Upholsteries: The polyester system can also be attached to the fabrics and leather. So, the upholsteries make up an important application of the hook and loop. It can help to hold the foam, fabric, leather, or synthesized leather together in the upholstery. It is especially applicable to the upholstery in garden furniture.

5- Tiles, Flooring, and Roofing: If you want to renovate the floor or roof of your home or office with PVC tiles or polymeric tiles, then it can be safe to use polyester fasteners to lay the tiles. It will be easy and quick to install the tiles, and it will not damage the underlying floor when tiles are taken off. Thus, it keeps the substrate from damage.

6- Industrial Operations: In industrial assembly lines, the polyester PSA can be used. The adhesives can be cut and dyed in almost all shapes and colors. The length of the roll and width also allows it to be used in assembly lines.