How Die-Cut Hook and Loops Are Made

If we count the inventions that have made man’s life simple and easy, hook and loop would among the top of the list. From simplifying the fastening of fabrics, shoes, and home interiors to making it easy to fasten automobile parts, industrial machines, and boat interiors, hook and loops have a broad spectrum of applications. Because of their easy and efficient installation, hook and loops are also used in medical equipment and tools.

It can be said that you can find the applications of hook and loops in the simple objects like a dress or a school shoe and the complex assemblies like industrial, marine and automobile machines. Usually, the hook and loops are manufactured in the form of large tapes or rolls and need cutting for particular applications. If you are going to use hook and loops for a specialized application, you may need to find loops cutting services to get die-cut solutions according to the shape and size you need.

There is a how-to guide about how the regular hook and loop fasteners are transformed into die-cut sizes and shapes.

1- Collecting Requirements from Clients

The die-cut hook and look company collects specific requirements of the clients. You should provide the details about the size, shape, and purpose of the die-cut solutions to ensure that everything is as per your requirements. In the recent era, the client usually provides rough drawing or sketch of the shape and size which is required along with the specific dimensions.

2- Sew-on, Glued or Adhesive Fasteners

There are various types of hook and loops fasteners available in the market that vary based on their sticking mechanism. Whether you want a sew-on fastener which will be sewed on the object, a stick-on fastener like rubber or an adhesive fastener, or glued fastener which will simply be glued to the surface will determine the type you need. Usually, the company has all these types in stock and die-cut the one you finalize.

3- Costing and Quote

The next step in making the die-cut hook and loops is to determine and finalize the cost. The company will give you an average unit price or a bulk price. In die-cutting, a substantial portion of the standard tape or roll is wasted from around the corners, and other customizes shapes. So, the final quote includes everything from the cost of making the die, the price of the fastener to the labor of cutting and wasted product.

4- Prepare Die

The company will manufacture the die according to the required dimensions. The material of the die will vary according to the complexity and size of the shape. If you require the die-cut hook and loop in high volume and will need them in future too, it is better to invest in high quality die. However, if you need orders in low volume or only for one time, the Loops Cutting USA company may prepare a low-cost die.

5- Die Cutting with Machine

The final step is the die-cutting with die-cutting machines. As the technology has advanced, the die-cutting machines have become sophisticated and loaded with various functions. These machines have a high tolerance for stress and load and can produce a large number of pieces at a time.

Once, the order is prepared, it is shipped to the customer or customer can pick it up.