Total Quality Management in day to day life.

One day i was sitting alone in my room, and i started thinking about the whole last year journey of my life, after coming to Karachi , there is the big turn over in my life. i wasn't like this before coming to Karachi. after taking four sessions of QTM class i got to realise what have i done in my life or what i am doing right now. i only have wasted my time in doing irrelevant things which ain’t related or have any value in my future.

So i started working on PDCA model.


applying TQM to our lives can help us climb towards success, satisfaction, greater potential, personal development, communication skills and,knowledge.


- i planned to do something productive in my spare/leaisure time to bear my expense, i am doing MBA i really want to earn and help my further studies myself. relying on my parents feels embarrassing now.


-I started Implementing the plan, execute the process by sending CVs at different platform for part-time jobs.


I studied every single detail before going for certain job. before taking any step forward just to be sure whether i am completely able to give it my hundred percentage. later i got selected for a newly established company named “BYKEA”.


I acted to my PDC steps and got hired in BYKEA. such a proud moment indeed ,since i could earn my own pocket money. It is very tough to manage my MBA studies and this Job simultaneously but i have high spirits and i now know that i can do it and i am doing a very fine job, Masha Allah.

2.Applying 5S to Everyday Life

After studying this concept in class, I actually worked it in my life. I applied it in way that i never did my own stuff myself, i was always depended on my mother for my stuff and duties. Now I organise my own stuff and i am self independent.

first i sort out my grocery and other things by putting them on right place weekly as i always mess them up.

Self- Arrangement
i keep my wardrobe and bookshelf arranged. i put them where i pick them up.

Spic n Span

i throw the useless stuff out which isn’t no more of my use.


i keep everything in process i never leave anything unorganised i have maintained a standard in my life which i am totally stick to.

Self Discipline

i have set my routine, how to manage my studies, my room and my job by setting alarms, checklists and schedule.

Lean way of life = Right way of life

before studying TQM i was so unorganised. i was very extravagance , although i hadn't have to be. i used to spend my money on useless stuff i never used til date. when i got to know about this LEAN concept which is about eliminating waste, i instantly applied it in my life because i could actually relate to it because i was so extravagance. it helped me to overcome my this bad habit. and i could save my money as well as my time.


when i started my job I couldn't manage my time. i lost my sense of duty because of mismanagement in life. there are always other stuff rotating in my head other than studies such as house-keeping and managing my hostel life. i couldn't do my assignments on time i couldn't focus in class as well as in life. every single person related to me started getting this thing and started calling me rude though i was never rude i thought but i wasn’t myself as well. i was lost somewhere. i was thinking something and doing something else which worried me as well as people around me. they roasted me tight one day, then i made a standard checklist which i could follow easily and manage my time for the job for the university and for the gym in the evening. now Alhumdulillah every one is happy again and i am all set to rock the life.

5.Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve something. when i landed in Karachi, i was a simple lady who didn't know, how to tackle these double standard people in here in big cities. but then i got few gems who helped me in growing up like a complete strong lady, who does her own work , faces problems and tackle them alone. they taught her the way to survive in this competitive world, as well as my teachers told me you’re afraid of speaking in public and i have social anxiety, I have so many concepts in my head that i fail to delivery. My teacher further said me to overcome these flaws soon. then i realised this actually is the case with me. i overcame these flaws with their help and improved myself to survive confidently and prepared myself for the market.