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Hale Human Capital is an organization Development Consultancy firm which helps organizations to define, develop and sustain a culture of learning & Growth which in turn assures business success.

Our training programs and OD interventions are aimed at guiding client organizations in the positive direction, through our co-creation in areas of organizational and leadership development, strategic planning, and operational execution. Our group of experienced professionals set the bar high ,and we seek to work with companies who share our commitment to strive for excellence.

Objective of Hale Human Capital HR Audit Service:

The objective of this one day workshop is to,

Create awareness on this latest and powerful H R tool.
Build the skills, participants would require to do HR Audit independently.
Evaluate the current status of the HRM function in an organization.
Develop insight into various facets of HR Audit and thus make the HRM function business oriented.
Allign HRM processes with the business goals of the organization.

Scope & Coverage:

Conceptual framework for HR Audit
Current available auditing tools to enhance HR auditing process
Process of developing a suitable tool and conducting audit.
Using Employee engagement survey, satisfaction survey and organisational climate study as an Audit Tool.
Translating collected auditing information into action to fine tune the current HR processes
Developing the right measurement and metrics to identify areas of improvement.
Designing a competent HR audit process.
Knowledge sharing session for the participants by the participants.

Above Content may vary depends on participants level, need and expectations.


The workshop is administered through interactive sessions supported by visual aids, management games, exercises which would enhance the ability of the participants to understand about HR Audit and apply the same in their workplaces.

For further details please contact : Mobile : 7550077337/9677008266 Email : consulting@hale-india.com

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