Current News Assignment

Charlotte Protest turns Violent

Keith Lamont Scott was an armed man that was fatally shot by police officer Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina this stirred up a riot. The victims wife released a statement of appreciating the protesting but telling them to exercising restraint against police officers.

Sexual Harassment at National Parks

Sexual harassment has been taken place at the iconic sites such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon. In Yellowstone, officials are investigating complaints, retaliation etc. 18 employees working in Yosemite have come forward with statements of harassment.

Fifteen year old boy’s burned body found in a trash can

A boy from Chicago was found burned located near a garage on Saturday morning. There was a garage fire that firefighters responded to and eventually found the body. The family pleaded Black Lives Matter activist to not turn away from fighting for real change.

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