Chapter 1

I believe that objectivity is very important when it comes to Journalism. Without objectivity, there is nothing that a Journalist could write. Objectivity is the main thing that even non-writers should focus on because it gives people something to discuss, elaborate and know what to comprehend. When it comes to fairness in writing I believe that writers try to have that involved in their stories.

As a Journalist it is something that is needed because when an audience reads a story or an article they want to see different aspects to the situation that was written. Fairness vs. bias is something that writers should know and I think that it seems to be self explanatory. Audiences are looking for stories that seem to justified and fair and that is involved with fairness. If people start to read an Journalist that is expressing how they think on the topic then therefore the readers will only know what the writer is feel and thinking. When it comes to the media nowadays, it has changed tremendously. Many people seem to follow up on the media now that technology has become more advanced. Journalist seem to get more of a bigger audience since the news tends to be every where. Writers do not only have to write papers but they can also even start a website, blog or even makes videos in order to talk about the recent news. Journalism takes a hug part into today’s world, I believe that news is majority of what we discuss with others. In my opinion ,everything is associated with news such as entertainment, sports, and weather. Writing is always something that people will be needing to take interest in because I believe in the end everyone is willing to write something.

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