Is Lyricism Dead?
Chelsea Wilson

Chelsea, I think your blog post is extremely relevant to hip hop music today. Often times when I hear a song come on the radio, the lyrics that the rappers rap are simply just repetitive phrases repeated over and over. Yeah, the beat is good and can get you hyped up and in a good mood. However, when you really listen to what they are saying, you find yourself realizing how dumb the lyrics sound. I may have stepped on some toes with that statement, but it is how I genuinely think of some of these rappers today. That doesn’t go to say that all rap artists fall into that category. A specific rap lyricist that I would like to point out to you is Eminem. I’m sure you have listened to his music countless times, but I encourage you to fully dive into his lyrics and uncover some of the meanings in his song. He is an impeccable artists and the passion and commitment to his songs is empowering. Lisa Resper France’s article on, “Eminem has music’s biggest vocabulary, study says,” informs us that “Eminem topped the musical vocabulary list, using almost 9,000 unique words in his songs.” You should check it out! This interesting fact goes to show just how much of a lyrical genius Eminem is. “Mockingbird”, by Eminem , is a powerful song written to his daughter. Listen to his use of vocabulary and diction. Hope this has helped contribute to your question of “Is Lyricism Dead?”

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