Women In Hip Hop

Chenoa, The rap industry does seem to be male dominated. They often use their masculinity to show their power over female rappers and simply young women in general. I believe this is an important issue for young girls growing up listening to today’s hip hop and rap music. They are degraded and as a result lose their self confidence. This makes it difficult for aspiring female rappers to continue their journey to produce a major record deal. In Beyonce’s song, “If I Were A Boy,” she sings about how boys are held to a different standard than girls. Although she goes on to relate this issue to love affairs, it is relevant in today’s issue of the male dominated rap industry. I feel as though the powerful voices of our common celebrity’s, Beyonce, Nikki Minaj, Rihanna, etc. should promote and empower young female’s more than simply parading around in half-naked clothes themselves in some of their videos.

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