Social Media in Hip Hop
Jordan Raulerson

Jordan, your blog post was very easy to relate to. Our generation today is constantly on social media and I, myself, fall victim to spending countless hours on my phone “just looking stuff up.” Most artists partake in some form of social media and this allows them to connect directly to their fans. There will always be those people who find social media corrupting, however, I find it amazing. I love the fact that fans can interact with their favorite musicians and the musicians can bring to their fans new clips of a track they are working on to get their fans opinion. In William Gruger’s article on, “Emerging Rapper Mod Sun Works with Twitter, Proving Social Media’s Selling Power,” he includes some research done on how a specific upcoming artist has used social media to their advantage. You should check it out! I want to leave you with this final statement made by Mod Sun, the emerging rapper, “Rather than being somebody that is making something and somebody that needs support, it all comes together and becomes one thing. When we dropped the album at midnight, everybody felt like they made this album with me. We are the power behind a movement.” I find that powerful and moving. I hope this has helped with you deciding whether social media is useful or “for the birds.”