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Athletic scholarships are extremely common in the United States, however not so much in other parts of the word. In 1973 NCAA split schools into three different divisions which we now know are D1, D2, and D3. Over the years being a D1 athletes have evolved because of the new treatments, advances in technology, better equipment, etc that has arisen. However the argument over how it is unfair for athletes to get paid to go to school and play a sport for “fun” has still remained after all these years. It is my hope that this photo essay will not only show you how a day in the life of an athlete has changed significantly, but in the back of the viewers mind also prove why they are rewarding of these scholarships.

In my photo essay, I am going to depict the day in the life of a college athlete. The purpose of this exhibit is going to show how college athletes lives have changed over the year. With all the evolution of technology, and the higher education of people, athletes get to firsthand experience the advantages of all of these new upbringings. The exhibit is going to be depicted in chronological order starting from six in the morning workouts all the way until the end of the night right before its time to sleep. The types of photos I am going to capture for my audience are interaction shots and over all shots. Some of the action shots may also be shot in a high angle to give the viewer a sense of power. This will create the feeling of being able to overcome the obstacle in the photo and have the same mindset as the athlete who actually had to perform the task. This will be an accurate way for people to see how athletes lives have changed over the years all around us and the challenges they are faced with.

Recently there has been a 75–1 vote with the NCAA board of allowing division one schools to give scholarships that not only cover common costs but also miscellaneous as well. This is historic because now athletes can get things paid for such as groceries or gas. However this is where my photo essay will be beneficial to viewers. It will defy the thoughts of people thinking athletes are awarded to much and treated unfairly to their advantage. With this photo essay people will be able to see how much time and effort is actually put in an athlete’s day. With capturing shots in action and making them in color allows for viewers to really grasp each moment of the day. Finally my photo essay will end with a clincher that may throw viewers off. The end photo is going to be a picture of a clock depicting what time they will go to sleep. However the turning point will be the time, it will actually not be late hours into the night because believe it or not athletes have such good time management that they make sure there is time for sleep. At the end of the exhibit I hope that viewers can have a different type of respect for college athletes.

Collegiate coaches have recently started a new trend of 6 a.m’. Basically coaches now find it more beneficial to athletes to wake up, before most of the student body, to get a good workout in to start their day. This photo was taken in black and white as well as blurry to give the viewer a sense of relation. When one wakes up this early nothing is quite clear yet, just like the photo is depicting.
Many benefits for student athletes have come about over the years. One of these benefits is access to a personal nutritionist. This allows for athletes to have a good start to their morning, as well as snacks throughout the day, to help them maintain proper energy levels for practice. This photo was taken as a close up to provide the viewer with more details of the different types of foods athletes are given. Also multi colored snacks were chosen to portray in this image so it does a better job of catching the viewers eye.
Weight rooms for collegiate athletes used to be small, smelly rooms where all sports were crammed together trying to workout. However it is not uncommon now for their to be individual weight rooms for each sport. Also there has been a huge increase in the amount of budget that facilities now received making weight rooms bigger, more efficient, and as well as more pristine equipment for athletes to use. This photo was an overall image, shot at a low angle. The angle was chosen to give the weights a sense of power, posing a challenge for the athletes to take on.
Another perk that collegiate athletes now receive is the benefits of their own specialized coaches in different fields. For instance, it is very common now for college sports teams to have their own strength and conditioning coach. These coaches make specialized programs for each athlete to follow so they can excel at their sport. This was taken as a portrait photo, as well as a frontal angle, to introduce the person to the viewers and give them a high level of involvement. This allows the viewer to become involved in what a strength coach could look like.
Advances in the field of medicine allow for athletes to have better treatment when an injury occurs or when soreness arises. Most collegiate athletic teams have their own training room. Here athletes can receive treatment, get stretched, or even a nice massage. Although the photo may come across as somewhat hectic, it allows for the viewer to see the multiple resources allowed for the athletes. This photo was taken as an overall shot for the viewer to be able to see all parts of the picture. However an oblique angle was used to give the viewer a sense of detachment, in the sense that they are not necessarily focusing on each tool, but the overall meaning that there is an abundance of them.
The new fashion in recovery for athletes is taking an ice bath. Ice baths help reduce tissue and muscle swelling, as well flushing out the lactic acid build up. With the new whirlpool technology it allows for the water to become even colder and rotate around the athletes bodies. This image was taken close up, however the whirpool sign was centered for a specific reason. With the protruding pole, it frames directs the viewers sight to the sign. This allows the viewer to understand what the picture is depicting.
New facilities all over the country are being renovated each day. Colleges care more about their athletic complexes because they are ultimately what bring in the fan base. A couple centruries ago alumni revenue was not as common as it is today. However when a multitude of alumni’s participate in donating back to the sports teams, it helps the universities as a whole. The image was taken at eye level and an overall shot so the viewer can see all the beauty brought in by both complexes. The brightness of the sky guides the reader’s eye upwards to see the protruding Texas State sign. The overall colors depicted in this photo are calming and settling to the viewers eyes.
When universities first started developing sports teams, academics were not a main focus. Many of the universities just tried producing the athletes and receiving the funding. However now academics are crucial. Universities are constantly competing for academic awards for their sports teams. For this reason, universities have started using study hall. These require freshman and certain other athletes with certain GPA’s to attend so many hours a week. It is a great addition to the life of a student athlete. This image is directed by the lines on the brick, as well as the words being framed in the box. It was taken at an upward angle to empower the viewer of feeling the sense of productiveness that the athletes feel when they leave this place.
A perk of being a collegiate athlete is having your own advisors to assist you in anything dealing with school. Advisors specifically for athletes have not always been around. Most athletes had to go through the same process as regular students whenever they needed to say register for a class or withdraw from one. This image was taken at an oblique,vague angle for the sole purpose of depicting the advisor as being busy in her work for the athletes. The desk does a good job of framing the viewers eye around the screen of the computer which is the focus of attention for the advisor.
A second perk of study hall for athletes is the abundance of tutors. Instead of athletes having to go to the general tutor center for all students, specific tutors for all subjects are in study hall every night. This image is an overall view allowing for the viewer to see the multiple tutors as the above sentence states. It also provides a how to for the viewer to see how each tutor is chosen by the athlete.
Lastly, athletes have developed such good time management skills over the years that they know how to get some sleep. With the extensive life coaching that athletes get, time management comes naturally to some now. Athletes are not so sleep deprived anymore, allowing for their prefomance on the field and in the classroom to progress. This image is the clincher photo. It is shown close up to fully grasp the viewers attention. It is intended to throw the viewer off by showing that believe it or not, athletes, even with their extensive schedule, find time for sleep. Where as most students procrastinate and do not go to bed until one or two in the morning, athletes use every second of the day wisely and succeed in all aspects.
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