January 10, 2017

Today has been a weird one.

I started off this day at midnight, reading that I had won a Couple’s Choice award from Wedding Wire. Wedding Wire is the website I primarily advertise on for my photography and the website I often use for my business documents. I gain my reviews on this website and have all of my communication with clients through here. I was placed in the top 5% of wedding professionals nationwide, which is a huge honor for someone who self-started their company when they were 15 years old. I have worked really hard on my business through all the other crap that happened in the past few years. Going to bed seeing that accomplishment really lifted my spirits.

However, I spent the entire night sick to my stomach and it led into today. I know that I am having some sort of internal battle with my organs. I changed my diet to help with this and started drinking alkaline water (per my mother’s suggestion). I just really hope this is not a part of it because life has been looking so much better recently.

In other good news, I have a potential freelance project beginning tomorrow. If all goes well, I will explain it all here! It’s going to be an odd one, but a good way to supply some income for the time being. Things are definitely looking up so far this year. I know I have had some bumps already, but who hasn’t, right?