January 11, 2017

Things are looking up!!!

I finally gained a job that I will enjoy doing. I am going to be freelancing for a media company, taking photos of their products around the state of Florida. I will get certain products to take photos of each week, and I can make my own schedule of when I want to do the photos. The pay is great, I get to travel, and I am doing what I love the most. This is what I’ve been looking for the past few months, and it kinda just fell in my lap. On top of the award from this week, I have a feeling that this year is going to be much better than last year.

I also booked another wedding yesterday. This brings my total for *set* weddings this year to 4. I know if I keep pushing, I can raise that number to a much higher one. I am so thankful for all of the other events I have this year, but I won’t stop at where I am right now.

Last night, I got to see those friends I became close to at my first job last year. Even though I was let go from the job, our friendships stayed just as strong. We get together every month or so, but last night was the most special one to date. We got to celebrate a wonderful woman’s birthday. The bonding and fun that we had really raised my spirits and I felt at home. I am so thankful to have these people in my life, and I hope to never lose them.