January 12, 2017

Today was definitely my biggest adventure to date.

Thankfully, I had my dear child, Cerriah along for the ride.

We started off today doing a sample shoot of the new freelance job I got. We travelled all around Orlando capturing photos for the client. At our first stop, Cerriah experienced OBT for the first time. I can tell you she did not enjoy it very much and neither did I. Being catcalled and whistled at by creepy men is not my idea of a pleasant experience. It’s also downright disrespectful. Men, stop doing this please.

Our second stop was in Altamonte Springs. We found out some new laws while on this journey, such as pulling off to the side of the road without it being an emergency on I4 is illegal. I didn’t know this, and neither did Cerriah, my dad, nor Jack. Thankfully, our good buddy, Jorel, informed us of this law after being scolded by police. Oh well. It’s all a learning experience, right?

Our final stop was quick and easy. We finally found a nice part of Orlando, Kirkman Road. Thankfully, I live close to here, so I am living right! :)

After this lovely adventure, we stopped to play with the puppies because we all needed a break from life. I don’t think I have ever run around this much in my life. Those two are wild and sure love to cause trouble. However, I was able to teach Cerriah a little about photography and she picked up on it real quick. She even accompanied me to my maternity shoot later on!

This maternity shoot was a model shoot for my best friend’s sister. The Palascak’s have been in my life for over almost 10 years and have been a second family to me for all of that time. I have so many fond memories with them. Doing the maternity shoot with Sarai was so relaxing and easy to do. We had so much fun shooting and Cerriah even captured some great shots and troubleshooted what she didn’t know! I’m so excited to look at the photos and see what we captured. Here’s a brief straight off the camera preview! The sunset was gorgeous tonight, and the beautiful subject definitely made it even better :)

My final stop on my journey was a production shoot at Osceola Arts. I have been shooting there for 6 years now, and have volunteered for 9 years. It was a second home for me growing up, and although I’m not there as often, it’s still great to go back every month and capture the shows.

It’s been a long day and I know this blog is a little late, but I hope it was worth it! Signing off for now :)