January 23/24, 2017

I’ve been falling behind in my posts.

I’ve been fighting my pain and sickness at it’s worst the past week. It’s made me a little spacey, so I apologize for not posting regularly.

Here’s a quick catchup on what’s been happening the past few days:

Yesterday, I did round 2 of my 24 hours cleanse. It helped a lot more than round one, but the pain is still there immensely and I’m still not totally cleansed. It’ll take a while to get the toxins out, but my body needs a little break.

While I was on the cleanse, I had to find a way to keep my mind active. I have decided to do a complete cleanup of my business. I have finally gotten my books in order, printed all invoices and contracts, and started figuring out new marketing techniques. I realized how well I did last year, but I need to do much more to get better this year.

I have also finally backed up all of my files from the start of the year. I had 70GB of photos just from the past few weeks of shoots! I’m so happy to be working so much on my art and I can’t wait for wedding season to start. This weekend, I have one of my biggest weddings to date. I have to bring in a second photographer, my intern, and Jack to be a technician for new equipment we will start selling. I’m excited to see what’s to come this year and what new stuff we can try!