“Virtual VS Reality”


If you had the choice to choose between the virtual world versus the real world, which one would you choose? Does it depend on your way of thinking and how well you handle life situations? According to Sherry Turkle, there are many instances why you may choose the virtual world over real life happenings. She says, “We are vulnerable creatures.” We look for emotion and to nurture one another when it comes to caring for another human being. The main subjects I focused on in Turkle’s video was the example she had given about a female living life through the virtual world and human beings being interested in inserting chips inside themselves to increase their knowledge or ability to do something.

The virtual world gives hope to those who are nervous of what people may think of them in the real world. Users are not as afraid to communicate with people through the virtual world unlike meeting someone in real life, especially if you think there is something different about you that the real world may judge you on. For example, Turkle brings up the subject of a young woman with fake legs living her life happily through the virtual world. What would force her to make that decision? Although it is not fair, nor right, a majority of the people in the real world are really judgmental and direct. We have no filters and would make our peers feel like they don’t belong. There are many people that use the virtual world to communicate and meet new people, who either experience the same problems in the real world, or to meet people who overlook everyone’s flaw and just want to interact with others.

Is it ok to live in both the real world and the virtual world when it comes to relationships? According to Alexander Alter and her article, “Is this Man Cheating,” it can be serious conflict. If you find yourself having emotions for another person, and putting in more time with them than your real life partner, yes that is cheating. If you do decide to play both worlds, you have to first find a balance and secondly, remain faithful to your family in real life. Make sure the virtual world does not blind you from what really happens compared to the virtual world.

If you had the choice to get a chip inserted inside of you to strengthen your weaknesses, or make you better at something you wanted to accomplish forever, what would it be? I am honestly not sure if I would want to get away that easy. Our society is spoiled and lazy creatures who will continue to get worse if we create technology such as a chip to do all the thinking for us. In my opinion, I would like to learn how to do these things on my own, so I can feel like something, gain confidence. I am not able to live my life knowing I did not have to work for everything I have done. You can’t possibly be proud of yourself for doing that. Yes, I understand that some things created are beneficial and can help our society grow as a whole. I also feel like we take things too far because we abuse almost everything created just to “help” us. It is always better for us to gain knowledge ourselves because it will stick with us and we will also be more passionate about what we do.

With both these cases, we have to be careful of those who actually do abuse the Cyberspace and hack into certain spaces illegally invading our privacy. According to John Barlow, the Cyberspace does not need the government intruding in on the virtual world. Should the government leave it up to the users in virtual reality to alarm them if there is any trouble? I must say I do not agree with Barlow not wanting them involved at all because they are trained to catch things we may overlook that can cause conflict or even danger to the virtual world. No, they should not take over the Cyberspace fully creating their own rules to someone else’s creation and hard work. There should be boundaries set on both ends specifically for the safety of all users in the virtual life.

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