London Part Deux

Being London experts we were after, you know, four whole days there prior to arriving in Cambridge, we immediately decided on a jam-packed agenda for our one-day trip. First and foremost Cambridge had us go on a boat ride a long the Thames which, for anyone who may know me, is a terrifying thought…I get horribly motion sick. After popping about double the recommended dosage of Dramamine, clenching my fists a few times in sheer anxiety, and reminding myself to keep breathing, I made it through with little to no problems. Thank god. It was a great way to see the city and it was such a beautiful day, how could you not enjoy it?

Houses of Parliament from the boat

After getting off the boat, my friends and I immediately headed for the tube since, ya know, we were basically pros at that point. A few minutes later we were at the famed Borough Market aka a foodie’s heaven. I had the most humongous wagyu burger that definitely should have been consumed sitting down rather than trotting after Trevor as he perused the charcuterie stands. After re-uniting with our friends, we all got ice-cold Pimms and lemonade and continued our journey.

Next we walked to the Tate modern, which honestly would have been cool if I got modern art in the slightest. I simply can’t comprehend how a series of black lines and red boxes on a white canvas counts as a priceless work of art, but that’s just me. There were a few very well known pieces and artists so I guess it was cool? The best part was the view from the top in which you could basically see the whole of London. It made the pain in my feet slightly worth it.

After waking up from our nap at the Tate (no seriously, we laid down and took a nap on the grass outside), we headed over to Hyde Park. As Daniella ran away from the ducks and Lindsay ran towards them, we explored the gorgeous gardens and lake, heading towards Kensington so we could grab dinner.

Finally, we had dinner at a cute little Italian place in Kensington that was absolutely incredible. Honestly would go back just to eat there, if I could remember what it was called, that is. Absolutely amazing. We were back on the very first bus back to Cambridge after truly having maximised our day. See, I told you we were pros ;)